Advisory Committees

Having a committee of parents and medical advisers, helps us keep our content up to date with real world advice and information.

The Spondylitis Association of America’s JSpA Advisory Committee is comprised of parents and pediatric rheumatologists that have devoted their time and expertise to improving the lives of children affected by juvenile spondyloarthritis.

Parental Advisory Board
Emily Neu
Daughter with JSpA
Cindy Christy
Daughter with JSpA
Belen Diaz de Leon-Gonzalez
Teen Son with JSpA
Karon Long
Son with JSpA
Laura Miller
Parent with AS
Mary Ann Poladian
SAA Board of Directors Member, Son & Daughter with AS
Medical Advisory Board
Judith A. Smith, MD, PhD
American Family Children's Hospital University of Wisconsin
Pamela Weiss, MD MSCE
Children's Hospital of Philadelphia