Suggested Do’s And Don’ts

Have you searched for JSpA do’s and don’ts? I think we all do. We want to make sure we are doing the best we can for our child. Over the years, our list of do and don’t has grown. Here are a few that you can discuss with your rheumatologist and get their take on:


  • Physical therapy or stretching at home
  • Eating a balanced diet (anti-inflammatory foods will not hurt and may help!)
  • Exercise at least 20-30 minutes daily
  • Encourage as much activity as your child is comfortable with
  • Discuss your child’s condition with your school district before the school year starts. Ask for the accommodations that are best for your child
  • Take time to play with your child or spend time with them OUTSIDE of appointments or talking about their disease
  • Get involved with SAA


  • Participate in anything that is jarring or jolting to the back or joints, when in doubt ask your rheumatologist (roller coasters, gymnastics, trampoline, bouncy houses, cheerleading, contact sports)
  • Rely on Doctor Google for answers
  • Ignore new signs or symptoms, when in doubt call your doctor
  • Talk about the disease or pain all the time, your child wants to have a relationship with you outside of this disease
  • Feel alone – we are here!
  • Be too hard on yourself, every situation is different – just do your best!

 *This is not medical advice and only the opinions of a parent of a child with JSpA. Please talk to your doctor about this list and any other questions you have

Submitted By Emily Neu

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