From Helpless to Hopeful

I remember vividly the day I got the call with our daughter’s results from her MRI. Our rheumatologist’s number popped up on my cell phone. I was in the parking lot picking up another child from football practice. Our doctor said “Oh, you are driving? How about I call you later?” I knew. We talked. She told us that our daughter has JSpA. At that moment, a strange sense of both relief because we finally had a diagnosis and panic because we finally had a diagnosis came over me like a wave. I sat in my car and cried. I didn’t even fully know why I was crying but I knew our lives were forever changed.

That phone call was seven years ago. Our daughter has been through many tests and treatments. There are times when we felt helpless. There are times when we are so proud because our daughter is so brave and strong. There are times when we felt completely alone and that no one understood. Then we found our community. We found people whose lives are dedicated to fighting JSpA and doctors who spend day after day researching different treatments. We realized we can make a difference for our daughter.

We are empowered through our fundraising efforts for the Spondylitis Association of American and other organizations that are dedicated to helping parents like us and like you find the hope we need. Hope that our child will feel “normal” and have a full, long life with as little pain or no pain! We have hope that this invisible disease that no one else sees when they look at those suffering, can one day be invisible to the patient as well – complete healing and relief!

So, if you are feeling helpless we are here for you. We are here to help you find the hope for our children’s futures! You can make difference. Join SAA and help us find a cure!

-Emily Neu

Submitted By Emily Neu

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