Tips On Managing A Flare At Home

A JSpA flare takes on different forms. Sometimes is presents as a rash, sometimes a stiffness in one or more joints, sometimes a terrible headache and fatigue, sometimes it is pain so terrible that is causes mobility issues for the patient. Each patient is different. Each patient responds differently to medications and natural remedies.

As a parent, we will worry at the first sign of what MIGHT be a flare. Here are a few things you can try at home to bring some relief to your child:

  • Warm bath – sometimes the best remedy is soaking in a warm bath or taking a hot shower.
  • Stretching – depending on the joint, there are resources online with helpful stretches or a quick call to your rheumatologist or Physical Therapist asking for suggested stretches.
  • Yoga – Yoga helps stretch and strengthen. It is also very relaxing to our minds.
  • Heating pads or heating gel – applying heat directly to the painful area sometimes provides relief. If you cannot be somewhere with a heating pad plugged in there are stick on patches or gel that is available for on the go relief.
  • Massage – massage can provide pain relief as well. There are massage machines or chairs that can prove helpful too.
  • Distraction – sometimes playing a game or watching a funny movie can help take the child’s mind off his or her pain

It will take trial and error before you find the remedies that will work best for your child during a flare but keep trying!

Submitted By Emily Neu

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